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Ukraine Crisis – February 2022

Logistics Quick Flash: 02/24/22

The Russian military launched large scale attacks on Ukrainian military installations and targets in Ukraine on the morning of 24th February 2022. This is a very fast-moving situation, but the following is known:

Air Access
Ukrainian and Russian NOTAMS have prohibited commercial flights across Ukraine, parts of Russia and even in neighboring Moldova. EUROCONTROL has advised against all flights into Ukrainian airspace. As per flight radar sources there are nil commercial flights in the air over Ukraine. Airlines such as LH/TK/PS and others have cancelled scheduled services.  There are reports of an airport attack at Gostomel airbase north of Kiev.

Ocean Access
Steamship lines have stopped accepting fresh bookings for the ports of Odessa & Chornomorsk. Shipments that are already on the water and awaiting for connection to Ukrainian ports, will be declared End of Voyage at the final transshipment points on the voyage. Change of Destination procedures are in place.

Overland Access
it is likely that a “green corridor” into Western Ukraine will need to be implemented for Humanitarian aid access. The borders are known to be shut between Hungary and Poland into Ukraine. Access from Moldova is TBC. With borders being temporarily shut, overland access will likely need to be in the form of agreement with Ukraine