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Logistics Sitrep 06 FEB 23

Two large earthquakes impacted the South-Eastern Turkey region early morning of 06 February 2023. Casualty numbers and infrastructure damage is expected to be high in Pazarcik & Gaziantep provinces. Turkish Government has declared a level-4 disaster and has requested international support from UN, NATO and other governments. This is expected to be in the initial form of Heavy Search & Rescue Teams & EMT Teams (Medical teams). The UN USAR and EMT co-ordination cells are activated. This is a logistics update as of 10:00am GMT >>

Airport Access

Gaziantep (GZT), Kahramanmaras (KCM) and Diyabarkir (DIY) are the airports closest located to the earthquake affected areas. These airports are all currently closed to civilian flights & only emergency flights would be permitted to land. Runway damage unclear, no reported damage for the moment. These airports usually have scheduled domestic flight connections to Istanbul & Ankara & other Turkish cities. Adana (ADA) is a larger airport and has previously been used as a main cargo entry airport in other disaster responses. Flights have been landing today into Adana airport & this airport has both domestic & international scheduled flights. Some SAR charter flights are scheduled to land into Adana in coming hours.

AFAD (Turkish Disaster agency) has nominated Adana (ADA) and Gaziantep (GZT) as airports of entry for SAR teams and international relief aid. Adana airport has known main deck loaders to offload larger cargo aircraft. ADA airport is open. GZT is closed but expected to re-open Tuesday.

Overland Access

Main port in the region is Mersin & port operations are not said to be affected. Initial reports from our partners in Turkey state extensive damage to some parts of the highways in the 10 affected provinces. Interior Ministry has declared a 4th level alert which will streamline international assistance to come in.