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T’is the season to deliver …….. Donated items

T’is the season to deliver …….. Donated items

Quarter 4 doesn’t only mean the Holiday season ! The end of the year is also traditionally a season where industry donates products from medical, nutritional, or sanitary inventories and it is always put to great use when NGO partners agree to take them on and ship them to international programs.

Priority Worldwide’s emergency response team has seen a growth in international donations shipping during the latter part of this year , predominantly by ocean freight shipping but also by occasional air freight deliveries. During the latter half of this year we have been shipping ocean containers of donated items to very worthy NGO programs around the world.  It is very rewarding to be playing just a small part in aiding some of today’s longer term aid programs in developing nations in the Caribbean , Latin America, Africa & South Asia.

From teddy bears to books, from canned food to soup mixes and from medicines to PPE, we have delivered ocean containers on behalf of over 15 different NGO and governmental partners. We have also delivered PPE and hygiene kits by air freight as well to Uganda, Zimbabwe and Pakistan amongst other nations.

Delivering gift-in-kind donations to over 20 different nations this year, our team continues to offer a transparent & competent approach to global shipping , taking advantage of our own office networks in Africa & the Middle-East to be able to deliver even on the final mile to remote locations.

Stuart Smith, Director of Emergency Response/Humanitarian sector commented

There is undoubtedly a surplus of some PPE and protective materials in the western world currently and we have seen an increase in ocean shipping of these products to worthy programs in the developing world. Q3/Q4 has been especially busy in this regard. We have also been able to offer our Canadian, East & West Coast warehouse locations to partners needing to stage donated materials. We have even managed to deliver some container loads into remote villages in Niger and South Sudan, where final mile transport is especially challenging. We are always greatly humbled to help our humanitarian partners in their shipping needs”

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