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Emergency Response

Priority Worldwide has a unique and dedicated focus to the wider emergency response sector. Whether you are responding to an oil spill domestically or a major natural international disaster, let us be a partner in your emergency planning, preparation and global response.

With over 20 years-experience of working with governments, IGO’s, NGO’s, charitable organisations and commercial responders, this is Priority’s World.


Covid-19 Response

Vital supply chain assistance during the pandemic

Ukraine Emergency Response

Delivering by charter air during the crisis

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Environmental response

Global or domestic logistics response to maritime accidents, oil spills, chemical accidents or nuclear contamination events. As a fully licensed air and sea freight forwarder, and a network of own offices/partner agents around the world, Priority can respond to the most complex of events and offer carriage of even the most sensitive of materials

Humanitarian Disaster Response

Sudden-onset natural disaster events such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods and volcanic eruptions require logistics providers to be engaged and understanding of the complexities of the delivery chain. Priority believes that effective logistics partnerships are always those based on transparency, innovation and commitment to go the “extra-mile”

Humanitarian Conflict & Crisis Response

Complex humanitarian crises in war-torn and poverty-stricken nations are unfortunately all too frequent, however Priority Worldwide has over 20 years of experience working in some of the most conflict-affected countries in the Middle-East and Africa. We are committed to growing our African & Middle East office network to be able to provide in-country services.

Healthcare and Pandemic Response

COVID-19 has opened the whole world’s eyes to the importance of effective supply chains, stocks and logistical preparedness activities. Priority has been delivering global PPE by air and sea as well as delivering supplies to health care facilities in North America. We aim to be a partner in future governmental and organisational logistics planning and resilience.


  • Charter Services: Cargo, Passenger & Medical
  • International Air, Sea and Overland Freight
  • Project Cargo
  • Direct & Consolidated Services
  • Cooperation with WFP and/or the military during emergency relief
  • Global Customs Clearance
  • Import & Export Compliance Expertise
  • Dangerous Goods & Cold Chain Expertise
  • Destination Warehousing & Distribution Allowing Immediate Dispatch of Emergency Medical Supplies, WATSAN, Shelters, NFI and Food Items.
  • Kitting, Packing, Crating & Warehousing Management Services
  • On-site Project Management
  • Carnets & Temporary Import Bonds
  • 24/7 Real Time Customer Support


Priority Worldwide maintains it’s own office network in many countries in Africa and is committed to sustainable growth on the continent.

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