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Responding to Various Natural Disasters – October 2022

PWS Emergency Response Team assists in multiple global Emergency Responses

Our Emergency Response team has been responding around the world in recent weeks to various humanitarian situations. We always take pride in working with our valued partners in this field.

Afghanistan Earthquake

Several earthquakes earlier this summer & the continuing conflict in Afghanistan has seen some of our NGO partners continue to support with shipments of medical & PPE items. We have arranged over 15 Tons of airfreight from the US & Europe into Kabul, with great support from our newly opened Dubai office for trans-shipment arrangements.

Pakistan Flooding

Severe flooding across SW Pakistan has seen thousands lose their lives and many more displaced from flood waters. Food insecurity, risk of water-borne diseases and shelters needs caused the Government of Pakistan to request international assistance. Our NGO & government partners  worked with us to ship over 30 Tons Hygiene & shelter kits from Canada and UAE into Pakistan via airfreight services. Priority Worldwide was even able to connect one of our partners with a free of charge air service from Canada to Islamabad in support of the ongoing response.

Hurricane Fiona – Caribbean

Hurricane Fiona left a trail of destruction and power outages across Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic as a Category Three Storm. We were tasked by our US NGO partners to send two urgent airfreights of hygiene kits to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and our team is currently shipping solar light products from Chicago to Puerto Rico for a key US NGO partner.