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PWS Pakistan to Turqiye airbridge

Priority Worldwide Offices co-operate in large humanitarian airlift to Turqiye

Priority Worldwide offices in USA and UAE have co-operated alongside the company’s Emergency Response team to organize a large humanitarian airbridge between Pakistan & Turqiye.

In continuing response to the tragic earthquake(s) to hit Southern Turqiye and Syria earlier in 2023, our teams worked closely together with our NGO & operational partners to transport over 800 Tons of tents & family kits from Lahore, Pakistan to Adana, Turqiye. The program lasted 6 weeks and involved collecting 10,000 family tents and 10,000 family kits from the factory in Lahore and booking the cargo into numerous specially provided Turkish Airlines B777 and A330 freighters.

The program required close co-ordination between the factory, airport handling agents, airline, Turkish consulate and representatives of the NGO partners and manufacturer. The project was undertaken amidst continuing hyper-inflation & supply chain issues in Pakistan, and with a huge amount of government urgency to arrive the relief items to Turqiye.

Commenting on the airbridge, Stuart Smith, Director ER said:

We were honored to assist our US & Europe NGO partners on this large & vital airbridge co-ordination. The project required a lot of close co-ordination with many different stakeholders and with competing global pressures on available airline airlift to Turqiye. Thanks to our Dubai & Pakistan teams for all of their hard work regionally