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Priority Worldwide: emergency response to Ukraine crisis

Priority Worldwide continues its response efforts to the Crisis in Ukraine & Eastern Europe. The worsening humanitarian situation & huge numbers of displaced persons arriving across borders has driven a huge aid response from NGO’s & governments. We have been proud to have been involved in a number air charter airlifts from North America & UAE, with more deliveries to come. We have co-ordinated more than 20 charter flights to date, flying shelter kits, tarpaulins, tents hygiene kits and vehicles on behalf of NGO and Government partners. We are also co-ordinating regular routed air freight & ocean freight shipments for our partners in industry and the Humanitarian sector with shipments arriving in Poland, Romania & Hungary.

Our warehouses across Canada and USA are also containing Emergency Response stocks, and our operations teams are working on kitting & packing services, in addition to arranging deliveries for outbound shipments. It is always deeply impactful to be involved with organising deliveries for the Humanitarian & wider aid sector & our teams are on standby to continue to respond in the coming weeks & months. We continue to update news on logistics access on our Emergency Response landing page, found via our main website.

Point of Contact: Stuart Smith, Director Emergency Response