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Peru Helicopters

The Opportunity

Priority has a long history of supporting both US Government as well as other Nation’s as well.  In this case, Priority was tasked by the Peruvian Navy with moving 4 SH-2G helicopters from Kaman Aerospace in Connecticut to Callao, Peru.

The Solution

Priority was tasked with shrink wrapping each helicopter, developing a safe line haul plan, filing the plan for permits with the Department of Transportation, and sailing the helicopters to Peru.  Each movement had to be carefully planned, as we were unable to travel with the wide-loads on the interstate during certain times.  This coupled with driver safety and duty-day restrictions made the journey quite challenging.

Teddy Pendleton, Director of Government Programs at Priority said:

“This was a very exciting move for our team.  It was one of the first missions where we had to shrink wrap the helicopters, combine road permits, vehicles and drivers, and arrive to the port for an on-time loading/departure of the vessel.  It was good to see a well thought plan be executed so perfectly for our customer.