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Continuing violence in Caba Delgado province of Mozambique has led to a worsening refugee situation and incidents of serious terrorist attacks against civilian targets.

Airport & Air Cargo Access

3 main international airports are Maputo/MPM, Beira/BEW and Pemba/POL. MPM has most international connectivity but some international air cargo services to POL. Ad-hoc international charter airport options include Nacala/MNC and Nampula/APL. Direct International air service connections from SA, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Portugal and Qatar. For air freight into Caba Delgado, POL is the closest airport & cargo requires to be cleared on arrival then trucked under escort security(*) to final destination sites.

Port & Ocean freight Access

Main container liners call at Maputo, Beira and Nacala ports with smaller ports in Pemba and in Palma in Caba Delgado. Containers would need to be de-stuffed to smaller vessels for connections to ports in the north of the country where port and lifting facilities are also limited or moved by truck transport across country.