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Niger Security Situation – Military Coup


Niger President Mohamed Bazoum was ousted from power by a faction of the Niger military on 26th July. The president remains detained by the military junta and a general from the Niger military has declared himself as leader of a transitional government. Geopolitics, existing security and humanitarian conditions in Niger and region exacerbate the severity of the situation. ECOWAS responded by closing borders to Niger and by grounding regional air access to the country and is calling for the reinstatement of the democratically chosen leader.

Air Access

Most international flights to Niger are cancelled and airspace is effectively closed for intnl civilian flights, with the exception of evacuation flights. Prior to the coup, international flights operated by TK/AF/ET/AT as well as regional connections. French government has evacuated citizens by government/military means, and some commercial chartered flights have evacuated foreign citizens/embassy staff. Air access for evacuations is likely possible between Niger and Mali, Chad, Libya who may have different political viewpoints than ECOWAS nations. Niamey airport is considered open (source: PWS own office) but Agadez is closed (source: PWS own office)

Overland Access

Land borders were also initially closed by ECOWAS decision; however land borders have since re-opened with Mali, Burkina Faso and Chad. However main routes from seaports in Benin, Nigeria, Togo remain closed, with those borders remaining shut. There are reports of large amounts of food imports getting perished as result of borders closing. Food security and humanitarian effect needs to be monitored.


PWS own office in Niger reports situation to be relatively calm (04/08/2023)