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Logistics Sitrep 22 MAR 23

Tropical Cyclone Freddy-23 is one of the longest occurring tropical cyclone events ever recorded, affecting notably Mozambique and Malawi and having first made landfall in February. Over 500,000 people have been displaced in Malawi alone and nearly 500 deaths are reported. Since 12 March, 14 districts across Malawi have been severely affected by flooding & winds. The Gov Of Malawi appealed for international assistance on 15 March, requesting SAR and water based rescue assets and responses.

Airport Access

Main airports in Lilongwe (LLW) & Blantyre (BLZ) remain operational. LLW is a larger airport with regular international connections from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe & Zambia for example. A weekly freighter operates from Dubai also. BLZ receives international connections from Ethiopia, South Africa & Tanzania.

Road & Port Access

Malawi is landlocked so major ports are usually via Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam)or Mozambique (Nacala, Beira). Roads are reported to be intact from Beira (the closest and most utilised port) however there is reported major damage on the rail from Nacala Mozambique. Unknown when this connection will be operational again. Container drayage is offered from ports in Mozambique & Tanzania into Malawi.

Customs & Importation

No known special procedures as yet, however gov has issued an international disaster & requests foreign help, especially regards water-borne rescue and water/flooding & cholera related medicines. Our partner in Malawi advises that a duty-free status request letter is needed, along with commercial invoice. This can then be submitted to Malawi MRA authority approval for exemptions or applicable duty relief. Other relevant shipping docs are required to process a Bill of entry into Malawi.