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Libya storm DANIEL & DAM BURST


Storm Daniel in NE coastal Libya led to heavy flooding and multiple dam bursts above the city of Dirna, leading to catastrophic flooding and water surge on 10-SEPT.  Tens of thousands perished and extensive shelter needs. The Libyan National Army controls the eastern region of Libya which is still under defecto civil war. The presidential council requested international help. Request is for rescue, logistic and infrastructure support. SAR teams from France, Algeria, Turqiye, Jordan and Italy have deployed to assist. Military aid has been flown from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and Italy amongst others.

Air Access

BEN/Benghazi is the main airport in the area, with scheduled international flights from Egypt, Turqiye, Jordan and domestic Libya mostly with narrowbody pax aircraft Some freighter service from Dubai, Istanbul and Europe lands in Benghazi, as well as into Tripoli (TIP). LAQ/Al Abraq has a 3600m runway and is closer to the affected Derne area. Relief flights have landed at LAQ with SAR teams but there is limited international or domestic scheduled connections. TOB/Tobruk has a long runway 4000m, located in  the far north east of the country but only has domestic Libya flights.

Air Charter will likely be the main routing for relief cargo to the area, with air charter services possible ex UAE/PAKISTAN, EUROPE and beyond. Large freighters such as B747F can land in Benghazi and be offloaded. Regular air freight is more limited to Benghazi, with carriers such as Egyptair, Berniqair, Libyan Arab and Buraq air having limited international networks and only operating narrowbody. CAIRO and ALEXANDRIA may represent air transit hubs for larger international shipments wanting to reach the region and then trans-ship into truck or smaller aircraft for onwards to affected region in Libya.

Overland Access & Customs

Military aid has been trucked overland from Egypt, and our Egyptian partners have suggested that trans-shipment over Cairo/Alexandria will be possible. Our Libyan partner has also suggested that there is significant heavy machinery being trucked from Egypt. The LNA who controls Eastern Libya is friendly with Egypt and there does not appear to be any impediments for Egypt allowing aid to transit via Egypt by surface transport if arriving by air/sea. There are larger international capacities into Cairo which may allow for feeder cargo to Libya by transit air as well.

Customs & Importation

Libyan authorities reported to fast track imports arriving to Benghazi, Al Abraq or Tobruk.  There are no duties or taxes for humanitarian imports, and the local government has formed response committees with a commitment to assist affected locations  The border with Egypt is said to be very much open for humanitarian imports and all direct imports to Libyan airports would be fast-tracked.  Standard shipping docs likely to be required as well as consign-to partner in Libya, likely requiring to be a local organisation or government organisation.