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Hamas terrorist activities in Israel and retaliatory strikes/blockade of Gaza has created growing humanitarian concern in the area. Gaza power station is out of fuel. There is also added tension in West Bank region.


Access into Israel

Most Western major airlines have stopped operations into Israeli airports, with rocket fire reported even around Tel Aviv airport. A BA flight from London was turned around back to UK on 11 October.  El Al (LY) and Challenge Airlines cargo flights from LGG are still operating as of 12/10 as well as some airlines from Middle-East (UAE).

Main international airport of arrival is TLV/Tel Aviv.  Main  international sea port is Ashdod, as well as a port at Haifa. Inland access to Jerusalem and West Bank area is perceived possible currently. Humanitarian shpts unlikely needing to be licensed or pay duties, some shpts can be subjected 17% VAT if not exempted

Access into West Bank Area

This is likely possible via TLV airport (air) or Ashdod/Haifa port and access is seen to be still possible for humanitarian aid, despite heightened tension. There is also access into West Bank area via Jordan which could be either via air means (Amman/AMM airport) or via ocean via Port of Aqaba to the far south of the country.  TBC

Access into Gaza Strip

As of 12/10 there is no overland access at all into Gaza strip. The border with Egypt at Rafah border crossing is currently shut due to damage on the Palestine side of the crossing. Egyptian MOFA has issued a statement on 12-Oct re-iterating that the border is open, and will be used to send humanitarian relief to Gaza as soon as repair works can be done on Palestine side of the border.  Airport at CAI/Cairo or major sea ports at Port Said, or Ain Sokhna Port are recommended for ocean freight shpts via EG. The EG government had also designated El Arish Airport (IATA: AAC) as a humanitarian delivery airport. This is international status but usually only  used for military or stopover flights.

This airport is close to the border with Gaza and purportedly some gov/military aid aid flights have already landed with cargo for Gaza, once the border opens.  Our EG agent advises that Embassy and MOFA pre-approvals may be required for deliveries via EG to Gaza strip. Any foreign embassy intervention for releasing shipments from duties might be welcomed if the international community looks to respond via Egyptian soil;

The border with Israel is shut. No trucks are currently going in/out of Gaza under order of Israeli security and government. There are no airports in Gaza. Traditionally, humanitarian aid is permitted to be transferred into Gaza via Tel Aviv airport upon arrival or via ports of discharge at Asherod or Haifa, however currently  this is a NO GO. TBC

More information follows as we get it

Stuart Smith, Director ER  -Stuart.Smith@priorityworldwide.com