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Hurricane Beryl impacted the Winward islands in Eastern Caribbean Sea on 01 July as a CAT-4 Hurricane. Widespread damage reported across Grenadines, worst impacts on Union Island,. Cariacou, Canouan, Mustique and Ptit Martinique. Level 2 Emergency declared in SVG/Grenada.. Beryl closed Jamaica 03-04 July also with widespread damage especially to South. Gov has also declared a disaster situation.


Grenada Report

GND/TGPY Airport re-opened on 02 July 1000am. Airport is international and usually served with mix of narrow body and wide body aircraft intra-Caribbean and from the USA. Weekly main deck cargo flight with widebody 767F/757F serves GND. Cargo weight and piece size limitations (<80kgs) for narrowbody services. Local air services connect Grenada to Grenadine islands + charter services with small props also, max 1000 lbs cargo per trip.

The Port of St George is run by Grenada Ports Authority – Port is open. International container services make regular calls plus shooners coming from Trinidad/Barbados. Local Schooner services and ferry services connect with Cariacou and Ptit Martinique, also onwards to Union Island/Canouan. Some ferries can take vehicles and oversized freight. Port access on islands still unclear. Ashton/Clifton docks on Union accessible via concrete pier. Per our agent partner, Gov is prioritizing a list of relief items for Cariacou to be sent on the local schooner services.

st vincent and grenadines

St Vincent Island Report

SVD/TVSA Airport is open. The airport is usually served by international wide-body and narrow-body flights intra-Caribbean and from the USA. A weekly cargo flight with widebody 767F/757F serves SVG usually, and small cargo capacity exists on pax flights to the island. Cargo weight and piece size limitations (<80kgs) apply for narrowbody ops. Local air charter services possible with small prop planes, circa 1000 lbs per trip.

The main commercial port is at Kingstown St Vincent and has a container terminal – port is open. Local liner & schooner services do connect freight to islands including Pt Martinique, Union Is + also ferries.

st vincent and grenadines

Grenadines Islands Report

Established airports on 4 of the islands , all with short runways. The longest runway is at Canouan. Some assessments of pier facilities have taken place. Relief and survey flights carrying teams and supplies have begun locally. A French military vessel sailed from Martinique and will drop aid supplies at Mayreau, Union, Canouan and then Cariacou.

Bequia (BQU/TVSB) @1100m long. Daylight hours only. Island suffered significant damage. Shows CLSD (Source OPS GROUP)

Union Island (UNI/TVSM) @ 752m long. Daylight hours only. Major damage reported on island (90% damage report). Restricted opening for aid / relief efforts only 1300-2200z daily.

Mustique (MQS/TVSM) @ 992m long. Daylight hours only. Restricted opening for aid / relief efforts only 1300-2200z daily

Canouan Island (CIW/TVSC) @ 1791m long. Daylight hours only. Restricted opening for aid / relief efforts only 1300-2200z daily. Slightly larger aircraft can land here due to runway length being longer.


Jamaica Report

Airport at KIN received terminal damage and was closed for 2 days, re-opened 0500 LT 05 July. Flights are seen in radar en-route. MBJ airport re-opened 0000 LT 04 July but widespread cancellations and no flights operating yet. Airport at KIN handles regular cargo freighter flights as well as international scheduled widebody and narrowbody flights. There is almost daily freighter capacity from Miami to Kingston. MBJ receives a smaller regular cargo service and mostly receives narrowbody flights, some widebody services.

Our local agent advises ports and warehouses should re-open 05 Jul. No announcement over special customs importation regulations yet for relief. Lots of stock in country already. Signiifcant damage in the south and electricity/internet loss. TBC.