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Haiti -Security Crisis 2022

Logistics Sitrep 18 OCT 22

Haiti is in the middle of a serious security crisis with armed gang violence threatening all its significant infrastructure. Armed groups have reportedly blockaded the main port since September and there are serious fuel access difficulties across the country. The Government of Haiti has appealed for international military intervention.

Airport Access

Main international airport, Port-au-Prince Toussaint (PAP/MTPP) remains operational and regular flights with narrowbody aircraft from USA are landing (American Airlines, Spirit Airlines etc). Air freight capacity is very limited on narrowbody flights, main capacity is being provided by scheduled freighter services from Miami gateway. Air charter services are also possible with cargo aircraft, airport has GSE equipment.

Ocean Access

Most container ship lines have currently suspended all schedules to Haitian ports including Lafito, Cap Haitien & Port Au Prince. Various customer advisories are in place & the situation is likely to require monitoring on a weekly basis. Some regional steamship lines & ocean consolidators may open service to Haiti Ports more quickly (especially ex Florida, US) however even these services are currently restricted. There are usually plenty of regional ocean services from Port Everglades and Miami ports to Haiti.

Overland Access

Border is reportedly closed between Haiti & Dominican Republic. Security concerns means that Dominican drivers are not likely to take on any trucking jobs from Santa Domingo Port overland to Haiti. SDQ Airport and main ocean port is not affected by the Haiti situation and could be potentially used as an alternate gateway for ocean shipping, once and if border crossing becomes viable again.