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M7.2 Earthquake which hit Western Haiti has reportedly killed over 1200 people & left large scale infrastructure devastation across many towns in Southern Haiti. The effects are still being assessed however this appears to require a large-scale response.

Main international airport, Port-au-Prince Toussaint (PAP/MTPP) remains OPERATIONAL. No NOTAMs or reports of damage. International scheduled passenger flights from New York, Boston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale etc continue to land. International cargo-only flights from Miami and charter options available from US/Panama and EU to PAP airport.

The two airports closest to Epicenter are Cayes (CYA/MTCA) and Jeremie (JEE/MTJE) and have reportedly received smaller aid flights from the capital already. Unlikely that large flights can be handled directly at these domestic airports. Local air operator Sunrise Airways operates Jetstream aircraft 3 x weekly departures from PAP to both airports. Damage assessment at these airports is pending. There are reports of road blockages between Cayes & Jeremie due to landslides. Road access from capital is also difficult due to security.

Main sea port of entry is the Port-International de Port-au-Prince (locode: HTPAP) and this is also open and operating as usual. Tropical Storm Grace is advised to be on a direct path across Haiti with landfall in the evening of 18th August. This could hinder access & rescue efforts still further should the storm have serious impacts. 15/8/2021 (1200z)