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Haiti 29-05-2024

Port Au Prince (PAP) airport is OPEN and has received  some scheduled pax & cargo flights in recent days including charter operations.  CAP Haitien (CAP) remains open and there is an airline link with E145 aircraft between CAP and PAP…

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Haiti 23-05-2024

Some charter airlines have resumed charter service to Port Au Prince (PAP) airport.  War risk insurance premiums may apply and limitations airline by airline. There is also a scheduled freighter service from Miami to Port Au Prince for KG freight….

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Haiti 16 May

Regards #Haiti crisis > some limited charter flight possibilities will soon exist to land cargo in PAP/main Port Au Prince airport . Still possible to fly cargo via SDQ DR and truck over border . #haiti #dominican

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Hairi18 April

#Haiti #Security Update – We are able now to arrange overland truck transportation via Dajabon and Elias borders between DR and HT. We can reach Cap Haitien and some locations close to Port Au Prince . No flights arriving to PAP. Limited…

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Haiti 27 March

Cap Haitien (CAP) airport is operational in Haiti. The airport has very little storage & road access conditions from CAP onwards are very complex due to terrain/security . CAP has no K-loader to download larger freighters . Larger forklifts being…

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#HaitiCrisis 23 march

#HaitiCrisis —- Port Au Prince airport remains CLSD. Cap Haitien/CAP is operational with some ad hoc pax evac flights. No K Loader for downloading larger cargo a/c. Some pax flights from Caicos Islands .

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2/2 . Overland access with trucks possible into Cap Haitien region only from DO. A military or police escort has previously assisted transit shipments of to reach Haiti locations from the DO/HT border . Security situation still perilous #HaitiCrisis

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1/2 #haiti crisis update

1/2 #haiti crisis update. Cargo can transit via DO (SDQ & ports) to HT under a bond system . However overland access into HT is still subject to security . Deliveries via SDQ ports/warehouses possible up to border of HT only ,…

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