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Brazil 23-05-2024

Scheduled cargo capacity from the USA to Florianopoulis (FLN) in Brazil using freighter aircraft. Charter options possible into Pelotas (PET) airport in the affected region. Scheduled widebody and freighter capacity into Rio and Sao Paolo main airports to the North….

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Brazil 16 may

Airports in Brazil region affected by flooding accessible by aircraft charter response include Pelotas/PET and Florianopolis/FLN. There is also a military AFB at Canoas Porto Alegre which may be used for flights . Commerical cargo liners also serve FLN

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Brazil 13 May

Porto Alegre airport (POA) remains CLSD due floods . Pelotas Intnl (PET) can serve as a charter flight alternative for civil aid flights with runway 2000m. Main scheduled cargo connections into Curitiba / Florianaoplis and Viracopas to the north. #BrazilFloods

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Porto Alegre (POA) airport in Brazil remains closed until end of May earliest due to floods in the region . Urgent relief cargo by air may require to transport via main Viracopas airport . #brazil #floods

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Brazil 7 May

All flights to Porto Alegre Brazil remain cancelled due to floods in the region , airport remains under water . Main international alternative airports at Curitiba/CWB and São Paulo/SAO airports

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