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Priority Worldwide Helps to ship Oil Spill Containment Equipment to the Falkand Islands

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Priority Worldwide looks to add value across the entire spectrum of Emergency Response and has always been very conscious of our environmental impact. It was therefore rewarding to have been chosen to assist a client needing to marine response equipment to Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

Shipping to the Falkland Islands is very limited due to both it’s geography and geopolitical factors in the Southern Atlantic. There are very little commercial air connections to Port Stanley and many of the UK Navy supplies fly in by weekly charter flights.

Our North American partner manufactures oil spill response containment equipment. The shipment featured some oversized pallets and was looking for a creative routing that would ensure the supplies arrived to Port Stanley prior to the calling of a resupply ship in port.

Our international exports team were able to find a multi-modal solution for this shipment, which involved air freight out of Miami gateway to Montevideo, Uruguay, followed by a trans-shipment & loading of a multi-purpose vessel sailing from Uruguay to the Falklands.  Weather conditions in the Southern Atlantic can be highly changeable, however we were able to time the air connection perfectly to meet the vessel stop in Montevideo port.