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Gaza Crisis Response

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Priority Worldwide has been supporting the Gaza and regional humanitarian response since the early days of the special operation in Gaza,and in response to escalating humanitarian needs. To date, our Emergency Response team and local teams in USA Canada, Europe and UAE have assisted multiple NGO and government partners to mobilize humanitarian aid to Gaza.

We assisted a US NGO in deploying their field hospital items to Gaza via multiple aircraft charters from USA and Europe, landing at the military controlled Al Arish airfield in Sinai Province, Egypt. We chartered an A330F cargo aircraft from New York carrying 40Tons / 250 cbm of field hospital equipment and supplies in December 2023. This later became the field hospital set up in Rafah region of Gaza strip. We have also recently dispatched an IL76 aircraft carrying specialized 20ft mobile operating theater containers towards this same field hospital.

We also chartered an A321F aircraft in early December 2023, landing 20Tons of shelters into Queen Alia Airport, Amman, Jordan. This shipment was collected and flown to Jordan within 72hours of notification, with local collection done at the tent factory in Lahore, Pakistan.

Alongside these larger specialized shipments we have also routed a constant flow of medical items, shelters and hygiene equipment via airports in Cairo and Amman.  To date, Priority Worldwide has shipped more than 30 air freight shipments by air, and is also assisting NGO partners globally in assessing overland transportation routes from stock hubs in Dubai .   Ocean freight containers  have been routed via Port  Said and Aqaba ports.

Commenting on the response, Stuart Smith, Director Emergency Response said:

This has been a complex and fluid response due to geopolitical tensions in the region and the challenges of onward transport into Gaza from airheads in Egypt and Jordan. Pre-clearance formalities for landing charter aircraft in Al Arish are complex and at diplomatic level due to the airport being military run. We expect new routes via Cyprus to also open up to support sea bridge operations being established on Gaza beaches.